Falkland Islands general election, 2017

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Falkland Islands general election, 2017

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All 8 members to the legislative assembly
5 seats needed for a majority

  Majority party
Party Nonpartisan
Seats won 8

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Winning and losing candidates by constituency.

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The Falkland Islands general election of 2017 was held on Thursday 9 November 2017[1] to elect all eight members of the Legislative Assembly (five from the Stanley constituency and three from the Camp constituency) through universal suffrage using block voting, with each Stanley constituent having up to 5 votes and each Camp constituent having up to 3 votes. Voter turnout was 80% in Stanley and 86% in Camp.[2]

It was the third election since the new Constitution came into force replacing the Legislative Council (which had existed since 1845) with the Legislative Assembly. As no political parties are active in the Falklands, all the candidates stood as Independents. Incumbent members Jan Cheek, Michael Poole, Phyllis Rendell and Mike Summers did not put their names forward for reelection.[3] Only three members of the previous assembly won reelection, with Ian Hansen begin the only incumbent member to increase his percentage of the vote.[2]


Under section 32 of the Constitution of the Falkland Islands, a general election did not need to take place until 19 January 2018. However, in August 2017 the Legislative Assembly announced that an early general election was being planned for 9 November 2017 (almost exactly four years after the previous general election of 2013).[1] The closing date for voter registration and applications for postal and proxy votes was noon FKST on 19 October 2017 and the deadline for nomination as a candidate in the election was 16:15 FKST on 20 October 2017.[1]

As well as attending hustings, each candidate gave a fifteen-minute televised interview to former member of the Legislative Assembly, Richard Cockwell, which was broadcast on the Falkland Islands Television Service.[4]

The election was criticised by the Governor of Argentina's Tierra del Fuego province, Rosana Bertone, who described the vote as an 'illegitimate legislative electoral act' and stated that the only 'legitimate' legislators for the islands were those elected in 2015 to the Legislature of Tierra del Fuego province, under whose jurisdiction the Falklands fall according to Argentina's sovereignty claim to the Islands.[5]


Incumbent members are in italics.

Stanley constituency[edit]

List Candidates Votes % ±
Nonpartisan Roger Kenneth Spink Symbol confirmed.svg 651 14.98 N/A
Nonpartisan Leona Lucila Vidal Roberts Symbol confirmed.svg 559 12.86 N/A
Nonpartisan Mark John Pollard Symbol confirmed.svg 534 12.29 N/A
Nonpartisan Stacy John Bragger Symbol confirmed.svg 476 10.95 N/A
Nonpartisan Barry Elsby Symbol confirmed.svg 404 9.30 -9.50
Nonpartisan Gavin Phillip Short 382 8.79 -8.98
Nonpartisan David Patrick Peck 376 8.65 N/A
Nonpartisan Corina Rose Ashbridge 259 5.96 N/A
Nonpartisan Louise Ellis 232 5.34 N/A
Nonpartisan John Birmingham 221 5.09 -0.91
Nonpartisan Jason Lewis 97 2.23 N/A
Nonpartisan Marvin Thomas Clarke 90 2.07 N/A
Nonpartisan Carole Lynda Jane Buckland 65 1.50 N/A
Turnout 4346 80 +4.6

Camp constituency[edit]

List Candidates Votes % ±
Nonpartisan Ian Hansen Symbol confirmed.svg 149 27.29 +8.18
Nonpartisan Teslyn Siobhan Barkman Symbol confirmed.svg 139 25.46 N/A[nb 1]
Nonpartisan Roger Anthony Edwards Symbol confirmed.svg 130 23.81 -0.19
Nonpartisan Benjamin William Cockwell 128 23.44 N/A
Turnout 546 86 +0.8


  1. ^ Barkman unsuccessfully stood for the Stanley constituency at the 2013 election.


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