Fall River (Plumas County, California)

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This article is about the river in Plumas County, California. For the river in Shasta County, California, see Fall River (Shasta County, California). For other uses, see Fall River (disambiguation).
Fall River (Lake Oroville)
Country United States
State California
Region Middle Fork Feather Watershed
District Plumas County
 - location near Little Grass Valley Reservoir
Mouth Lake Oroville Middle Arm
 - elevation 902 ft (275 m) [1]
Code 233868[1]

The Fall River is a Lake Oroville source tributary that drains the south portion of the Middle Fork Feather Watershed. The river enters the lake along the shore of the North Arm 0.39 mi (0.63 km) from the mouth of the North Fork Feather River at the tip of the arm and elevation 928 ft (283 m). The river is notable as the source of water for Feather Falls in the Lake Oroville State Recreation Area.[2]

Fall River course.
description coordinates
headwaters headpoint 39°44′51″N 121°01′54″W / 39.747487°N 121.031699°W / 39.747487; -121.031699

39°44′48″N 121°02′04″W / 39.7465581°N 121.0344001°W / 39.7465581; -121.0344001[1]
Fall River source, west slope from headpoint
border, Plumas NF 39°42′39″N 121°04′54″W / 39.71095°N 121.081567°W / 39.71095; -121.081567
road, Walters Ridge Rd 39°39′51″N 121°08′15″W / 39.664088°N 121.137443°W / 39.664088; -121.137443
confluence, Boomer Creek 39°38′56″N 121°10′40″W / 39.648923°N 121.177697°W / 39.648923; -121.177697
confluence, Quartz Creek 39°39′06″N 121°10′58″W / 39.651632°N 121.182847°W / 39.651632; -121.182847
border, Plumas NF 39°39′28″N 121°12′35″W / 39.657712°N 121.209626°W / 39.657712; -121.209626
confluence, Kenebeck Creek 39°39′48″N 121°12′54″W / 39.663328°N 121.214862°W / 39.663328; -121.214862
Feather Falls 39°38′35″N 121°16′28″W / 39.6429426°N 121.2744065°W / 39.6429426; -121.2744065[1]
mouth, @ Lake Oroville Middle Arm 39°38′29″N 121°17′11″W / 39.6412758°N 121.2863514°W / 39.6412758; -121.2863514