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Fama Diagne Sène (born 1969, Thiès) is a Senegalese writer. Educated in Thiès, she became a teacher there.[1] Ken Bugul listed her among "illustrious women" in Senegalese literature.[2][3] In 1997, she worn the presidential award for art and literature with Chant des ténèbres. Born to a Serer family, Fama's controversial play Mbilem ou le baobab du lion denounces Serer tradition and received great criticism from the Serer traditionalists of Senegal. The Mbilim (variation : Bilim) is a religious festival in the Serer calendar, celebrated once a year and is equivalent to the new year. In pre-colonial times, right until recently, some Serer griots were buried in the trunks of a baobab tree rather than buried in a pyramid tomb with all the regalia dictated by Serer religion (see Serer religion). Tomb burial and mummumification was always given to the Serer nobility, but some Serer griots weren't buried this way. In this play, Fama criticises this tradition and came head on with the Serer priestly class (the Saltigues).[4]


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  • Etienne Texeire "LE CHANT DES TENEBRES DE FAMA DIAGNE SENE NEAS - DAKAR 1997" [in] Ethiopiques [3]