Fandemonium (convention)

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Status Existing (as of August 3, 2015)
Genre Gaming, role playing, anime, general fandom
Venue The Grove Hotel
Location(s) Boise, Idaho
Country United States
Inaugurated August 2004
Attendance 808 in 2012
Organized by Fandemonium Entertainment Group LLC
Fandemonium Entertainment Group LLC
Founded October 2003
Headquarters Boise, Idaho
Key people
Daniel "Borneo" Armstrong, Jamie Parker, Robert Wright

Fandemonium is one of southwest Idaho's sci-fi, anime, and gaming conventions,[1] created to bring multi-genre conventions to Idaho. Held annually in Nampa, Idaho at the Nampa Civic Center, the convention takes place during the first full weekend of August. The convention has featured role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons and HârnMaster, cosplay groups and competitive contests for costume designs, collectible card games like Magic, the Gathering, computer games, and more.[1]


Events held at the convention are produced by the attendees at the event. Attendees create events by requesting space and time slots months before the convention, and then they are given a space to run their panel, event, competition, and other activities.

  • Cosplay and costume contests are common as photographers attend to take action shots and different cosplay group photos for their organizations.[2]
  • Dances and mini-events occur often at the will of the Random Games Staff at Fandemonium, where they have been known to throw in different events for audience pleasure.[3]
  • Stage performers and cosplay groups create productions just for Fandemonium each year and perform for audiences on stage.[3]
  • Concerts where local bands can come out and play for the attendees during the evenings.[4]
  • One of the largest boffer sword melees in the Treasure Valley occur at Fandemonium each year, as the Convention Chairman, Borneo, produces a class on creation and use of boffer swords and then holds a contest with anyone with safe weapons.[5]


Event Date Location Attendance
Fandemonium '04 - Behold the Power of Fandom[6] August 13–15, 2004 Red Lion Hotel Boise Downtown
Boise, Idaho
Fandemonium '05 - Never Give Up, Never Surrender[6] August 5–7, 2005 Nampa Civic Center
Nampa, Idaho
Fandemonium '06 - The World is Not Enough[6] August 4–6, 2006 Nampa Civic Center
Nampa, Idaho
Fandemonium '07 - Changing the World One Fan at a Time[6] August 3–5, 2007 Nampa Civic Center
Nampa, Idaho
Fandemonium '08 - Farewell to Mundane[6] August 1–3, 2008 Nampa Civic Center
Nampa, Idaho
Fandemonium '09 - We are Greater than Our Dreams[6] August 7–9, 2009 Nampa Civic Center
Nampa, Idaho
Fandemonium '10 - No Boundaries[6] August 7–9, 2010 Nampa Civic Center
Nampa, Idaho
Fandemonium '11 - Rise of the Fans[6] August 5–7, 2011 Nampa Civic Center
Nampa, Idaho
Fandemonium '12 - The World Ends at Fandemonium[6] August 3–5, 2012 Nampa Civic Center
Nampa, Idaho
Fandemonium '13 - A New Beginning[6] August 2-4, 2013 Nampa Civic Center
Nampa, Idaho
Fandemonium '14 - Together We are Stronger[6] August 1-3, 2014 The Grove Hotel
Boise, Idaho
Fandemonium '15 - Hope Reborn[6] August 14-16, 2015 The Grove Hotel
Boise, Idaho


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