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Cover of Stargate: Rebellion, the first of Bill McCay's novel sequels to the original Stargate film.

This is a list of currently or to be-released Stargate literature.

Based on the movie[edit]

# Title Writer(s) Timeline Original release
001-101 "Stargate" Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich (ghostwriter: Stephen Molstad) Stargate December, 1994
002-102 "Rebellion" Bill McCay One year after Stargate October, 1995
003-103 "Retaliation" Bill McCay One week after Rebellion September, 1996
004-104 "Retribution" Bill McCay May, 1997
005-105 "Reconnaissance" Bill McCay May, 1998
006-106 "Resistance" Bill McCay October, 1999

Based on the television series[edit]

# Title Writer(s) Timeline Original release Show
Novels published by ROC
001-101 "Stargate SG-1" Ashley McConnell "Children of the Gods" October, 1998 Stargate SG-1
002-102 "The Price You Pay" Ashley McConnell Season 1 July, 1999 Stargate SG-1
003-103 "The First Amendment" Ashley McConnell Season 1 February, 2000 Stargate SG-1
004-104 "The Morpheus Factor" Ashley McConnell Season 3 February, 2001 Stargate SG-1
Fandemonium Novels
Stargate SG-1
SG1-1 "Trial By Fire" Sabine C. Bauer Season 7 June, 2004 Stargate SG-1
SG1-2 "Sacrifice Moon" Julie Fortune Season 1 September, 2004 Stargate SG-1
SG1-3 "A Matter of Honor (1 of 2)" Sally Malcolm Season 7 November, 2004 Stargate SG-1
SG1-4 "City of the Gods" Sonny Whitelaw Season 5 January, 2005 Stargate SG-1
SG1-5 "The Cost of Honor (2 of 2)" Sally Malcolm Season 7 September 9, 2005 (2005-09-09) Stargate SG-1
SG1-6 "Siren Song" Jaimie Duncan & Holly Scott Season 7 February 7, 2006 (2006-02-07) Stargate SG-1
SG1-7 "Survival of the Fittest" Sabine C. Bauer Season 5 July 7, 2006 (2006-07-07) Stargate SG-1
SG1-8 "Alliances" Karen Miller Season 4 September 15, 2006 (2006-09-15) Stargate SG-1
SG1-9 "Roswell" Sonny Whitelaw & Jennifer Fallon Season 10 June 25, 2007 (2007-06-25) Stargate SG-1
SG1-10 "Relativity" James Swallow Season 7 October, 2007 Stargate SG-1
SG1-11 "Barque of Heaven" Suzanne Wood Season 3 February, 2008 Stargate SG-1
SG1-12 "Do No Harm" Karen Miller Season 3 June, 2008 Stargate SG-1
SG1-13 "Hydra" Jaimie Duncan and Holly Scott Season 5 December, 2008 Stargate SG-1
SG1-14 "Valhalla" Tim Waggoner Season 7 September, 2009 Stargate SG-1
SG1-15 "The Power Behind The Throne" Steven Savile Season 5 May, 2010 Stargate SG-1
SG1-16 "The Four Dragons" Diana Dru Botsford Season 7 June, 2010 Stargate SG-1
SG1-17 "Sunrise" J. F. Crane Season 4 October, 2010 Stargate SG-1
SG1-18 "Transitions" Sabine C. Bauer Season 8 October, 2010 Stargate SG-1
SG1-19 "Oceans of Dust" Peter J. Evans Season 4 March, 2011 Stargate SG-1
SG1-20 "Heart's Desire" Amy Griswold Season 3 August, 2012 Stargate SG-1
SG1-21 "The Drift" Diana Dru Botsford Season 8 October, 2012 Stargate SG-1
SG1-22 "Moebius Squared" Jo Graham & Melissa Scott Post Continuum January, 2013 Stargate SG-1
SG1-23 "Ouroboros" Melissa Scott Season 8 June, 2013 Stargate SG-1
SG1-24 "Two Roads" Geonn Cannon Season 8 June, 2014 Stargate SG-1
SG1-25 "Hostile Ground" Sally Malcolm & Laura Harper Season 3 August, 2014 Stargate SG-1
SG1-26 "Murder at the SGC" Amy Griswold Season 10 April, 2015 Stargate SG-1
SG1-27 "Exile" Sally Malcolm & Laura Harper Season 3 August, 2015 Stargate SG-1
SG1-28 "Kali's Wrath" Keith R. A. DeCandido Season 5 May, 2016 Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis
SGA-1 "Rising" Sally Malcolm Season 1 December 15, 2005 (2005-12-15) Stargate Atlantis
SGA-2 "Reliquary" Martha Wells Season 1 February, 2006 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-3 "The Chosen" Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen Season 1 April 19, 2006 (2006-04-19) Stargate Atlantis
SGA-4 "Halcyon" James Swallow Season 2 August 7, 2006 (2006-08-07) Stargate Atlantis
SGA-5 "Exogenesis" Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen Season 2 December, 2006 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-6 "Entanglement" Martha Wells Season 2 April, 2007 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-7 "Casualties of War" Elizabeth Christensen Season 3 September 25, 2007 (2007-09-25) Stargate Atlantis
SGA-8 "Blood Ties" Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen Season 3 December, 2007 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-9 "Mirror Mirror" Sabine C. Bauer Season 2 August, 2008 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-10 "Nightfall" James Swallow Season 4 February, 2009 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-11 "Angelus" Peter J. Evans Season 4 March, 2009 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-12 "Dead End" Chris Wraight Season 3 November, 2009 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-13 "Hunt and Run" Aaron S. Rosenberg Season 5 April, 2010 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-14 "Death Game" Jo Graham Season 2 July, 2010 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-15 "Brimstone" David Niall Wilson & Patricia Macomber Season 5 February, 2010 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-16 "Homecoming" Jo Graham & Melissa Scott Post-Season 5 October, 2010 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-17 "The Lost" Jo Graham & Amy Griswold Post-Season 5 February, 2011 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-18 "Allegiance" Melissa Scott & Amy Griswold Post-Season 5 November, 2011 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-19 "The Furies" Meg Burden & Jo Graham Post-Season 5 June, 2012 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-20 "Secrets" Meg Burden & Melissa Scott Post-Season 5 August, 2012 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-21 "The Inheritors" Melissa Scott, Jo Graham, Meg Burden & Amy Griswold Post-Season 5 April, 2013 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-22 "Unascended" Jo Graham, Melissa Scott, & Amy Griswold. Post-Season 5 July, 2014 Stargate Atlantis
SGA-23 "Third Path" Melissa Scott & Jo Graham Post-Season 5 July, 2015 Stargate Atlantis
Stargate Universe
SGU-1 "Air" James Swallow Season 1 November, 2009 Stargate Universe

Short fiction[edit]

The official Stargate Magazine, produced by Titan Publishing, began publishing short stories written by Fandemonium authors in their 8th issue. The stories alternate between both SG-1 and Atlantis. The magazine was available in the UK and internationally through Diamond Comic Distributors' Previews catalogue, and ended with issue #36.

Issue Series Title Author About Timeline
#7 (Nov/Dec 2005) Stargate Atlantis Flipside Sally Malcolm How Sheppard ended up on McMurdo Station Pre-series until "Rising"
#8 (Jan/Feb 2006) Stargate SG-1 Archeology 101 Martha Wells Archaeological dig gone wrong for Dr. Jackson Season 2
#10 (May/June 2006) Stargate Atlantis Choices James Swallow Lt. Aiden Ford After "Runner"
#11 (Jul/Aug 2006) Stargate SG-1 Medical Considerations Karen Miller Dr. Janet Fraiser Season 4
#12 (Sep/Oct 2006) Stargate Atlantis The Companion Sally Malcolm Dr. Rodney McKay gets trapped with a mad hologram Season 2 or 3
#13 (Nov/Dec 2006) Stargate SG-1 Juju Sabine C. Bauer The aftermath of Daniel Jackson's death Season 6
#14 (Feb/Mar 2007) Stargate Atlantis A Pebble On The Cairn Jaimie Duncan Ronon Dex Season 3
#15 (Apr/May 2007) Stargate Atlantis Course Corrections Elizabeth Christensen John Sheppard Season 3, during The Return, Part 1
#16 (Jun/Jul 2007) Stargate SG-1 The Bitter Hearth Holly Scott Teal'c Near the start of Season 4
#18 (Sep/Oct 2007) Stargate SG-1 K-T Sonny Whitelaw & Jennifer Fallon Vala Mal Doran After the end of Season 10
#19 (Nov/Dec 2007) Stargate Atlantis Waypoints Elizabeth Christensen John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagan & Ronon Dex Between Season 2 & 3
#20 (Jan/Feb 2008) Stargate SG-1 Outsiders James Swallow Cameron Mitchell Season 9
#22 (June/July 2008) Stargate Atlantis Genealogy Sabine C. Bauer John Sheppard Just after 'Mirror Mirror'
#23 (August/September 2008) Stargate Atlantis Post Mortem Karen Miller Rodney McKay Season 3, after 'Sunday'
#25 (December 2008/January 2009) Stargate SG-1 Murphy's Law of Stargate Travel Suzanne Wood Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson & Teal'c Pre Season 6
#28 (June/July 2009) Stargate SG-1 By Way of the Stars (Part 1 of 3) Suzanne Wood Cameron Mitchell, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson & Teal'c Season 10
#29 (August/September 2009) Stargate SG-1 By Way of the Stars: To The Sea (Part 2 of 3) Suzanne Wood Cameron Mitchell, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson & Teal'c Season 10
#30 (October/November 2009) Stargate SG-1 By Way of the Stars: To The Sea and Home Again(Part 3 of 3) Suzanne Wood Cameron Mitchell, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson & Teal'c Season 10
#31 (December 2009/January 2010) Stargate SG-1 I, Ba'al Sally Malcolm Ba'al & Jack O'Neill Season 6, before 'Abyss'
#33 (April 2010/May 2010) Stargate Atlantis Gods and Heroes Jo Graham Teyla Emmagan & Charin Pre Season 1, 'Rising'
#34 (June 2010/July 2010) Stargate SG-1 The Ghosts of Sanctity Peter J. Evans Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson & Teal'c Season 5


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