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The immediate vicinity of Fann Street

Fann Street is a street in the City of London.

It runs west-east, from its junction with Aldersgate Street and Goswell Road in the west, to the junction with Golden Lane in the east.

In 1802, Robert Thorne moved his type foundry to a former brewery in Fann Street, and renamed it the Fann Street Foundry. On his death in 1820, the business was bought by William Thorowgood.[1] Thorowgood created the typeface Grotesque. In 1838, the typographer Robert Besley, the creator of Clarendon the first patented typeface in 1845, joined the Fann Street Foundry.[2]

The former YMCA Building at 2 Fann Street is presently the subject of redevelopment to create 72 new homes.[3]

A history of the street and its former inhabitants has been provided by Anthony Camp in On the City's edge: a history of Fann Street, London (2016, ISBN 978-0-9503308-3-9).


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