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This article describes the album by Skepticism. For the Finnish progressive death metal band, see Farmakon (band).
Famakon skepticism.jpg
Studio album by Skepticism
Released 2003
Genre Funeral doom metal
Length 62:18
Label Red Stream, Inc.
Skepticism chronology
The Process of Farmakon

Farmakon is the third album of the Finnish funeral doom metal band Skepticism.

"The Raven and the Backward Funeral" and "Farmakon Process" are alternate versions of tracks that appeared on the band's previous EP, The Process of Farmakon.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Raven and the Backward Funeral" – 7:39
  2. "Shred of Light, Pinch of Endless" – 8:19
  3. "Farmakon Process" – 6:17
  4. (untitled) – 13:16 (The song's title appears on the album cover as a small smudge of color)
  5. "Nowhere" – 14:09
  6. "Nothing" – 12:40
    • "Nothing" actually only lasts for 10:34; it is followed by 1:00 of silence, then a 0:45 hidden track, then an additional 0:21 of silence.