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For the US company, see FTL Games

Faster Than Light (FTL) was a software publishing label established by UK video game publisher Gargoyle Games. The aim was for FTL to publish arcade-style games, while Gargoyle would concentrate on its core business of text adventure games.

Note that this label should not be confused with FTL Games, the American video game publisher responsible for hits including SunDog, Oids and Dungeon Master.

Notable games[edit]

  • Hydrofool was an isometric 3D game set in a giant aquarium, and a sequel to the similar (though drier) Sweevo's World. The player had to avoid fish and collect objects with the ultimate aim of pulling out enough plugs to drain the aquarium.
  • Shockway Rider was set in the future, where gangs of thugs roamed the moving walkways built around a huge city. The player had to collect weapons and bonus objects, and go "full circle" by surviving the perilous journey through the eight districts.
  • Lightforce was a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up with a large main ship. The player had to survive alien attacks in four different sectors of the planet Regulus.

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