Fatal Hearts

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Fatal Hearts
Developer(s) Hanako Games
Publisher(s) Hanako Games
Platform(s) Windows
Release October 2007
Genre(s) Visual Novel, Otome game
Mode(s) Single player

Fatal Hearts is an English-language visual novel/adventure game in which players control a teenage female protagonist who is having strange dreams while people are being murdered. It was released in October 2007 for Microsoft Windows.


Like traditional adventure games, the player must solve puzzles and minigames to progress through the story, but like visual novels, the player must choose the path that the story goes down in order to reach up to 14 different endings.


  • Christina Robinson
The main character, who has the dreams while girls are being murdered.
  • Lucy Torvill
Christina's best friend that is daring and outgoing.
  • Jeremy Bowman
A clever and polite young man seeking girls who need help.
  • Randy Gardner
He is cheerful and loyal, but he has a family secret.
  • Tim Davies
A jokester with a very serious side.
  • Elizabeth Sumners
A shy and nerdy schoolgirl who is eager to fit in with everyone else.
  • A man whose name is not known
The man of Christina's dreams and her nightmares.[1]

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