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This article is about a city in Pakistan. For other uses, see Fatehpur.

Fateh Pur (/fʌˈt.pʊər/; Urdu: فتح پُور‎; Urdu pronunciation: [fʌ:θeɪ.pʊ:r]), is a newly established (1980s) city in District Layyah. It has status as Sub-Tehsil (since January 7, 2007) in Tehsil Karor (Laal Eason). It has large population of approximately 1,30,000 people (estimated in July, 2009). Approximately more than 95% of total population consists of the migrants from Indian Punjab (1947) which settled in Fateh Pur after leaving central Punjab in the 1970s and later.

Fateh Pur is the third largest city in District Layyah.[citation needed]

Language and demography[edit]

Majority of population speaks Punjabi . Urdu is also spoken by some people. The medium of education is Urdu and English.Major caste is Arian and some others are Bhutta,kamboh, Rajput, Malik, Miana, Alvi, Niazi, Gujjar, Jutt, Kharal, and Mughal are the prominent castes residing in Fateh Pur.


Administratively, Fateh Pur is divided into ten blocks and two union councils (Urban and Rural). Each Union Council is administrated by Nazim, a Naib Nazim, 8 general councilors and three special councilors each reserved (Farmer, Lady and Minority).


Fateh Pur has 9 government schools and private schools, including Beacon Light Public School, The Educators, Al-Faisal School System and Pakistan Model Public High School. According to the recent survey (2009) of a local NGO "Regional Youth Development Organization" (RYDO), approximately 16,000 students of all ages and levels are studying in these schools and colleges. According to a survey made by a local student-based NGO (Fateh Pur Science Council) in 2007, literacy rate in urban and rural areas of Fateh Pur is approximately 79 percent and 53 percent respectively. Due to very good literacy rate, the people in Fateh Pur are well educated, organized and civilized. Major educational institutes in Fateh Pur are:

  • Allama Iqbal Public School
  • Pakistan Model Public High School
  • Reviving Educational Institute
  • Royal College Of Commerce
  • Beacon Light Public School
  • The Educators
  • Al-Faisal School System
  • Govt. College Fateh Pur (G.C Fateh Pur)
  • Govt. College for Women
  • Govt. Commercial & Technical colleges
  • Al-Haadi Tibbiya College
  • Govt. High School for boys
  • Govt. High School for girls
  • Govt. Model High School for girls
  • Govt. Vocational Training Institute
  • Beacon Light High School (girls & boys)
  • Beacon Hall High School (girls & boys)
  • The Educators (girls & boys)
  • Faisal Public High School
  • Bilal Public High School
  • Garrison Cadet High School
  • Hira Public High School (for boys)
  • Hira Public High School (for girls)
  • Iqra Model High School
  • Iqra Rohat-ul-Atfal School
  • Ali Public High School
  • City Public School
  • Apex Public School
  • Ghazali Cadet High School
  • Al-Hammd public school
  • Student Academy
  • Imran Public school
  • Pakistan Academy
  • Reviving Educational Institute
  • Islamic Academy


The city has one government hospital (RHC) and many private hospitals. The third largest trauma center of the country was under construction in Fateh Pur but is now cancelled and converted into only Tehsil Level Hospital (THQ Hospital) with only 40 beds.


The economy of the area depends upon government jobs and other private jobs and agriculture-related business. Many new businesses are being introduced in Fateh pur.

Major businesses[edit]

Fateh Pur is one of the main cities in the whole region. It is famous because new businesses are growing day by day. Agriculture is one of the major businesses in this city, like fertilizer dealer, pesticide dealer.

Fateh Pur has the largest number of scrape shops in the district.

Major crops[edit]

Common crops sown in surrounding areas of Fateh Pur are cotton, sugarcane, wheat, rice, cereal crops etc. Gardening and fruit production (Date, Mango, Watermelon, Melon and Citrus fruits) is also an important source of income. Veterinary development is a common feature of such an important agricultural land. So, different types of useful animals (Buffaloes, Cows, Goats, Sheep, Camel and Poultry etc.) are grown for milk and meat production.

Fateh Pur has the largest grain market in the Layyah District.


Fateh Pur is a Punjabi-speaking area, with the majority of the population speaking Punjabi as most of the population consists of migrants from East Punjab after emergence of Pakistan in 1947. Some people also speak Urdu.