Father-daughter dance

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Father with his daughter at Father-daughter dance

A father-daughter dance is a dance between a daughter and her father. Father-daughter dances are common at Western wedding receptions, although not all weddings have a father-daughter dance. In situations where a daughter's father is not available, he may be substituted with a man of an older generation, such as an uncle or the father of a close friend. Father-daughter dances are very common at quinceañeras and debutante balls.

A father-daughter dance can also refer to an event where girls and their fathers can dance. Many elementary schools have father-daughter dances, particularly on Valentine's Day. While these events are intended for girls and their fathers, some schools allow other people, such as the girls' cousins, brothers and close friends to attend.

Mother-son dances use the same analogy of a son and his mother, although they are not as common as father-daughter dances.

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