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Fawn Yacker is an American filmmaker, producer and cinematographer. In 2009, she co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed with director Dee Mosbacher a one-hour documentary film entitled Training Rules, about the controversial women's basketball program ran by Rene Portland at Pennsylvania State University collegiate sports. Fawn Yacker is a founding member of The Nuclear Beauty Parlor.





  • 1983: Sippie
  • 1987: Chuck Solomon: Coming of Age
  • 1989: Sacred Passion (V)
  • 1993: Sex Is...
  • 1996: It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School
  • 2000: That's a Family
  • 2006: Let's Get Real
  • 2005: Waging a Living
  • 2007: It's Still Elementary (V) (aka It's Still Elementary: The Movie and the Movement
  • 2009: Training Rules
  • 2009: Straightlaced: How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up


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