Feadóga Stáin

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Feadóga Stáin
Feadoga Stain album cover.jpg
Studio album by Mary Bergin
Released 1979
Genre Irish Folk
Label Shanachie Records
Mary Bergin chronology
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 5/5 stars[1]

Feadóga Stáin, Mary Bergin's debut album, has been credited with establishing the tin whistle as one of the first tier among the standard instruments of Irish Traditional Music.[2][3] Members of Irish group De Dannan contributed accompaniment and the album is mostly a trio of tin whistle, Irish bouzouki and Bodhrán (Irish frame drum) .[4] This album has been cited by Joanie Madden as highly influential in the development of her own playing,[5] and is generally considered by critics and scholars as a "definitive" or milestone album.[6]


No. Title Length
1. "Rileanna (Reels): Ril Gan Ainm / Cinnte Le Dia (Ah, Surely) / The Union Reel" 2:51
2. "Rileanna (Reels): Inion Mhic Sheain (Miss Johnson's) / Mike Russell's" 2:32
3. "Portanna (Jigs): Tom Billy's / The Langstern Pony" 3:20
4. "Rileanna (Reels): Sean Reid's / The Drunken Landlady" 2:22
5. "Fonn Mall (Slow Air): Liam O Raghallaigh" 2:37
6. "Rileanna (Reels): Bean Ui Chroidheain (Mrs. Crehan's) / Gearoid O Comain (Gerry Commane's) / An La Baisti (The Rainy Day)" 3:04
7. "Portanna (Jigs): Port Sean Seosamh / Sean Tiobrad Arann / The Rothai An Tsaoil (Wheels Of The World)" 2:54
8. "Rileanna (Reels): The Blath Na Smeire Duibhe (Blackberry Blossom) / Maud Miller / Mo Thrua Go Bfaca Me Ariamh Thu (I Wish I Never Saw You) / Chuig Na Gluine I Ngaineamh Thu (Up To Your Knees In Sand)" 2:31
9. "Cornphiopai (Hornpipes): Garrai Na Bhfeileoig / Miss Galvin" 2:29
10. "Rileanna (Reels): The An Bhean Ar An Oilean (Lady On The Island) / The Ril Na Ceolchoirme (Concert Reel) / The An Bothan Sa Phortach (Hut In The Bog)" 2:48
11. "Fonn Mall (Slow Air): Mo Mhuirnin Ban" 3:08
12. "Rileanna (Reels): Mick Hand's / The Reel Of Mullinavat" 2:57
13. "Portanna (Jigs): The Port Mhuineachain (Monaghan Jig) / Nora Crionna" 3:00
14. "Rileanna (Reels): Ta Citi Ar Shiuil Ag Cru Lei (Kitty Gone A Milking) / Scleip Na Hoiche Areir (Last Night's Fun) / The An Ghaoth A Bhogann An Eorna (Wind That Shakes The Barley)" 2:33



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