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Fear Itself was a short-lived psychedelic blues-rock band formed by Ellen McIlwaine in the late 1960s in Atlanta, Georgia. The band featured McIlwaine singing lead vocals as well as performing harmonica, rhythm guitar and organ. Chris Zaloom performed lead guitar, Steve Cook played bass guitar, and Bill McCord was on drums. (Steve Cook left Fear Itself after this album was recorded and Paul Album joined the group playing bass guitar.)

Inspired by Jimi Hendrix and Cream, the group's sound was unique due in large part to the McIlwaine's gospel-bluesy voice and lyrics.

The group performed at Woodstock Sound-Outs mini-festival in 1968, and eventually separated after the bass guitarist Paul Album was killed by a drunk driver. McIlwaine later moved to Canada and started a solo career.

The band released one self-titled album in 1969 on vinyl by Dot Records, and it was re-released on CD in 2006 by World IN Sound. Prior entry stated that the CD contains a bonus track, "Born Under a Bad Sign." That song actually appears on the original LP.


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