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Feather or Feather step is a dance figure in the International Style Foxtrot.[1] Depending on a syllabus, it consists of three or four steps (man stepping basically forward), with the third step (right foot) done outside the lady (lady on the right side) with a slight turn in the body position to the right.

The feather is also known as the continuity finish in silver American Style Foxtrot.[citation needed]

The step was first introduced in 1920 by G. K. Anderson.[2]

The ISTD syllabus considers the fourth step that aligns the man with the lady into a normal dance position to be part of the Feather Step variation,[1] while the IDTA syllabus does not.

The pattern and especially its distinctive part (steps 2 and 3) gave rise to several variations: [1]

  • "Curved Feather",
  • "Overturned Feather",
  • "Back Feather",
  • "Hover Feather".
  • Endings of more complex variations:
    • "Feather Finish" (the first step is taken back),
    • "Feather Ending" (the first step is taken in promenade position)


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