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'Federal B Industrial Area is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. This is the 5th largest industrial area of Sindh province, spread over block 1 to 22 of Federal B. Area, Karachi. Blocks 21 and 22 are the declared industrial areas, fully occupied by large and medium size industrial units while the cottage and small industries are located within the residential and commercial areas from block 1 to 20.

More than 2,000 industrial units are fully operative. Almost 90% of them are totally export oriented industries, contributing sizeable share towards foreign exchange earning of the country. On the other hand, some 8.5 billion rupees are contributed annually towards duties and taxes in the National exchequer. A large number of workforce – some 8 million people are employed in various disciplines and the benefited segments are both, skilled and unskilled labur including women in a large number, particularly those who reside in the vicinity.

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