Federal Building (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

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The Federal Building in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, has been the main Adams County Library since TBD[when?] and was the 1912-1962 War Department/National Park Service headquarters of the Gettysburg National Military Park[1] and the 1912-TBD US Post Office. The front steps and columns along Baltimore Street (formerly the entrance) are similar to the 19XX Lincoln Memorial style of Federal architecture.


The US post office in 1863 on the west of the borough square (later the site of the 1906 First National Bank building),[1] was captured by the Army of Northern Virginia during the Battle of Gettysburg, and a new facility for federal offices was requested in 1910.[2] After construction on the design by GNMP superintendent Emmor Cope had begun, it was suspended until later completed. While convalescing after a heart attack, President Dwight D. Eisenhower had a 1955 office in the building.[3]


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Coordinates: 41°08′40″N 78°47′57″W / 41.14456°N 78.79926°W / 41.14456; -78.79926