Federal Point Light

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Federal Point Light
Location Kure Beach, North Carolina
Coordinates {{WikidataCoord}} – missing coordinate data
Year first constructed 1866
Deactivated ca. 1879
No longer in existence
Foundation Piers
Tower shape Cottage

Federal Point Light was a lighthouse at Federal Point near Kure Beach in New Hanover County, North Carolina. It was an active light from about 1866 to around 1879.[1][2]

Federal Point is on the inland side on the southern end of Pleasure Island, which a barrier island. It is near Fort Fisher and North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher and Kure Beach.


One or more lighthouses were built at Federal Point prior to the Civil War.[3] A light tower was destroyed by Confederate troops in early 1860s.[1]

After a new inlet opened south of Federal Point, a new lighthouse was constructed in 1866. It was a cottage-style lighthouse on piers. The light was extinguished in 1879[3] or 1881.[1] A rock seawall was built in 1881 to close the inlet. The lighthouse burned in 1881.[1][2]


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