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In management, feed forward is giving a control impact in a downlink to a subordinate to a person or an organization from which you are expecting an output. A feed forward is not just a pre-feedback, as a feedback is always based on measuring an output and sending respective feedback. A pre-feedback given without measurement of output may be understood as a confirmation or just an acknowledgment of control command.

However, a feed forward is generally imposed before any willful change in output may occur. All other changes of output determined with feedback may for example result from distortion, noise or attenuation It usually involves giving a document for review and giving an ex post information on that document which you have not already given.

However, social feedback is the response of the supreme hierarch to the subordinate as an acknowledgement of a subordinate's report on output, hence the subordinate's feedback to the supreme.

Origin of term[edit]

Feedforward as a management term has been used by Avraham Kluger since 2006 [1] and Marshall Goldsmith in one of his prominent management articles.[2]


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