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FEILED is a band. Front man Anton Laurila came up with the name for the band at a moment when he felt as though he was a failed person, wrote something about it down and misspelled the word "Failed" with "Feiled"; He thought it was a great name for a band.

Anton started writing songs back in 2001 right when the band was getting its start with the two men; Anton and Henri. Their first demo, "Feiled", was released a year later. After the release of their demo they began to be noticed by the general public, they started doing some gigs, and Poko Records had taken interest in the band. Anton wasn't satisfied.

Their second record, "Lost EP", was released shortly thereafter and they started becoming more popular. Anton had played the drums on the demo and the Lost EP, he replaced that position with Markus Tourunen. Now Anton took to his own place on the stage. Mikka left in 2003 due to other musical endeavors and was replaced by Martti 'Martin' Lindholm.

In 2004 Feiled had changed the band lineup, Markus and Romy had left in October. Hannes replaced Markus, the band playing with only one guitarist. Now Feiled had the permanent members of the band. Songs were written over the course of the winter season. Though, Anton had problems with his throat which caused some delay. The promo was later released that coming summer. Feiled was signed to Poko Records and soon after started to record a full-length album.

The year 2005 has brought more from the band. They now have a music video for the song Lost, there's a growing number of fan sites, plenty more fans, and more gigs. Also a new guitarist, Masi Hukari has joined the lineup. There are presently (July 2005) several album reviews about Midnight Poems which was released in April.

In early 2007 Panu (Bass), Masi (Guitar), Henri (guitar) and Hank (Drums) left and were replaced by Miika, Mikko, Jacob Alexander, and J.J. The new CD Testify was produced by Nick Triani. The single Lycanthropy climbing the Finnish charts to one, then settling at number three, their highest rated single to date by those charts.

Current members[edit]

  • Anton Laurila - Vocals. Before he created Feiled Anton was a full-time drummer. He played in many different groups; Genres ranged from Fusion, Jazz, and even Gospel. Anton's beliefs and the beliefs of those whom he played with didn't get along so he set out on his own to create his own band.


  • Anton Laurila - Vocals
  • Masi Hukari - Guitars
  • Panu - Bass
  • Henri - Guitars
  • Hank - Drums


  • Anton Laurila - Vocals
  • Miika Partala - Guitar
  • Mikko Tuliniemi - Guitar
  • Jacob Alexander Grajewski - Bass
  • Janne-Jussi Kontoniemi - Drums

New Band "Faulty Messenger" November 2007 - Present[edit]

  • After giving the news of the separation Feiled at the end of 2007, Anton has been working with a new band called "Faulty Messenger". Anton Laurila is currently in the process of recording a new studio album.
  • Anton Laurila - Vocals, Piano
  • Masi Hukari - Guitars
  • Tommi Huuskonen - Bass
  • Markus Malin - Drums



  • Midnight Poems (2005)
  • Testify (2007)


  • "Feiled" Demo (2002)
  • Lost EP (2003)
  • Promo (2004)
  • The Great Escape (Single 2005)
  • Lost (Single 2005)
  • Dive (Single 10/5/05)
  • Just Like Heaven (Single 11/15/06)
  • Lycanthropy (Single 2007)
  • Invincible (Single 6 June 2007)

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