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Griffin Yueh Feng
Born 1909[1][2] or
July 29, 1910[3]
Shanghai, China
Died July 3, 1999
Hong Kong
Years active 1929-1974

Griffin Yueh Feng (Chinese: 岳枫) (1909 or July 29, 1910 – March 3, 1999) was a Chinese film director and screenwriter who worked in the Cinema of Hong Kong. He worked at the Shaw Brothers Studio's for many years and directed nearly 90 films.


Griffin Yueh Feng was born Da Zichun in Shanghai, where he studied at the Asia Photography School, and starred in a film as an extra in 1929. By 1933 he had become a director following some experience as an assistant. In 1949, Yueh relocated to Hong Kong and was employed by the Great Wall Company for some ten years, finally becoming employed as a director at the Shaw Brothers Studio from 1959 where he shot many films between then and 1974 on retiring. He died on July 3, 1999 aged 89.


He received numerous nominations throughout his career. He won the Golden Horse Best Screenplay awards for the Bitter Sweet (1963).[4] In the 1990s his films gained much more respect and he was accoladed for his lifetime contribution to Hong Kong and Chinese cinema.



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