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Fenn typically appears as a surname. Occasionally it appears as a middle name, pen name or name of a fictional character.

Notable people with surname Fenn[edit]

born in China
born in the United Kingdom
born in the United States

Fictional characters[edit]

In the case of the character Fenn Shysa (Star Wars universe), 'Fenn' is used as a given name.

Fenn is a female character in Wilbur Smith's novel The Quest. In the book he indicates that the name Fenn means Moon Fish.

Use as a middle name[edit]

Fenn has been used as a middle name in cases not directly attributable to retention of a maiden name, such as in the case of the English-Australian soldier Anthony Fenn Kemp (1773–1868).

Use as a pseudonym or pen name[edit]

Fenn has occasionally been used as a pen name, such as in the case of American writer Charles L. Grant (1942–2006) who wrote under the name "Lionel Fenn" among others.

Other Uses[edit]

  • Fenn College, predecessor of Cleveland State University
  • Fenn Tower, building on the campus of Cleveland State University
  • Fenn's Moss, part of a British nature reserve


  1. ^ H. C. Fenn was the son of C. H. Fenn
  2. ^ E. Fenn took the surname of her husband, John Fenn (antiquarian).
  3. ^ a b c Presumed to have been born in the United Kingdom
  4. ^ J. F. Hoskens took the surname of her husband, Joseph Hoskins.