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Fenner Albert Chace Jr. (October 5, 1908 – May 30, 2004) was an American carcinologist. He was born in Fall River, Massachusetts, and studied at Harvard University, before becoming a curator at that university's Museum of Comparative Zoology.[1] In his own words, he "served as a civilian oceanographer and commissioned officer (first lieutenant to major) in the Army Air Corps (subsequently transferred to the Oceanographic Unit of the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office in Suitland, Md" during the Second World War, and afterwards, he succeeded Waldo L. Schmitt at the United States National Museum.[2] He worked at the National Museum until his retirement in 1978, and then he continued as Zoologist Emeritus. He was "one of the most influential carcinologists of the 20th century", and named 200 taxa in the Decapoda and Stomatopoda, most of them shrimp.[2]


Taxa named by Fenner A. Chace include:

Chace is commemorated in a number of names of taxa:[3]

The shrimp genus Janicea (currently in the family Barbouriidae)[4] is named after Chace's wife, Janice.[5]