Fern Hollow

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Tales from Fern Hollow Animal Stories
AuthorJohn Patience
IllustratorJohn Patience
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreChildren's, Fantasy novel
PublisherFirst Published by Peter Haddock Ltd
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)

Fern Hollow Animal Stories is a series of over sixteen books written and illustrated by British author John Patience.


The series of books revolve around a village populated by animal characters in what appears to be an early 20th century setting. These stories, illustrated in a traditional natural and interesting style, have remained very popular among children and even adults, since they first appeared and there are more than 16 titles in the series.


  • The Seasons in Fern Hollow
  • Granny Bouncer's Rescue
  • The Tortoise Fair
  • Muddles at the Manor
  • Sigmund's Birthday Surprise
  • Mr Rusty's New House
  • The Unscary Scarecrow
  • The Brass Band Robbery
  • Sports Day
  • Brock the Balloonist
  • Parson Dimly's Treasure Hunt
  • Mrs Merryweather's Letter
  • The Floating Restaurant
  • Castaways on Heron Island
  • The Midsummer Banquet
  • The Mysterious Fortune Teller
  • Spike and the Cowboy Band


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