Fernand Fau

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Fernand Fau
Born 1858
Died 1919
Nationality French
Occupation Illustrator
Known for Cartoons
Pierre Trimouillat by Fernand Fau

Fernand Fau (1858 – 1919) was a French illustrator and cartoonist whose work was widely published in popular journals around the turn of the 19th century.[1]


Fau was born in Poitiers in 1858.[1] He produced copious illustrations under the pseudonym "Fanfare". He made the illustrations for the drama by Ferny "Le Secret du manifestant" at the "shadow show" in the cabaret Le Chat Noir.[2] He also illustrated the shadow show Une Affaire d'honneur by Jules Juoy at Le Chat Noir.[3] In 1890 Le Chat Noir put on his Idylle, a revue in one act with music by Charles de Sivry.[4] His illustrations appeared in the Chat Noir humorous magazine and also in Le Rire. He illustrated many children's books throughout his career,[1] Fau was also versed in Art Nouveau, and exhibited at the Salon des Cent in 1895.[5]

Fernand Fau died in Paris in 1919.[1]

Illustrated works[edit]

Caricature of the poet and singer Maurice Mac-Nab c. 1880


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