Fernand Louis Gottlob

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Fernand Louis Gottlob
Born 1873
Died 1935
Occupation Artist
Known for Humorous pictures
Poster for a Salon des Cent exhibition in December 1899

Fernand-Louis Gottlob (1873-1935) was a French graphic artist whose caricatures appeared in many humorous magazines.

Fernand Louis Gottlob was born in Paris in 1873. He studied under Jobbe-Duval, Laporte and G. Fuchs.[1] He worked as a lithographer and a painter. He created portraits, illustrations for books and caricatures that appeared in popular magazines in Paris including Le Rire, Le Journal Amusement and Sourire.[2] His work began to be shown in the official salons in 1891.[1]

In addition to portraits he painted cityscapes of Paris and landscapes of Normandy and Brittany. His work was first published in L'Assiette au Beurre in the second issue, on 11 April 1901.[3] He became a member of the Cornet Society in 1904, and between then and his death in 1931 designed twelve menus for the society.[2]


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