Fernando Olivera

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Fernando Olivera
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Born Luis Fernando Olivera Vega
(1958-07-26) July 26, 1958 (age 60)
Nationality Peru Peru
Alma mater University of the Pacific
Occupation Politician
Notable work
                                            • = Catholic
Spouse(s) Rocío Grases Miró-Quesada
  • Luis Olivera Balmaceda (father)
  • Zoila Vega Zavala (mother)
Family Maria Fernanda Olivera Grases (daughter)
Tamara Olivera Grases (daughter)[1]

Fernando Olivera Vega (born in Lima on July 26, 1958) is a Peruvian politician and leader of Independent Moralizing Front (FIM), a Peruvian political party.[2] Fernando Olivera (also known as Popy, after a popular 80's clown) gained some support after the fall of the Fujimori government as an anti-corruption figure, having made secret tapes public showing Fujimori's advisor Vladimiro Montesinos bribing money to Congressmen Alberto Kouri, politicians and members of the media.

He and his party also have a history of confrontation with Alan García and APRA. FIM has also been ruling party Peru Possible's main ally during Alejandro Toledo's government. Recently, his party has been weakened due to a scandal that cost him his office as ambassador to Spain. The dismissal was allegedly due to inefficiency during his office. His designation as Minister of Foreign Affairs was very controversial, due to his lack of experience as a diplomat and his reputation for being conflictive, forcing him to resign.

He was registered as FIM's presidential candidate for the 2006 national election until 8 February 2006, when he dropped out of the race to lead the party's Congressional candidate list. His presidential campaign had been very unsuccessful, getting at most a couple percent of support nationwide, according to all public opinion polls since the official start of the electoral race in January.


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