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Ferrie may refer to:

  • Adam Ferrie (1777–1863), early Canadian businessman and political figure who lived much of his life in Ireland
  • Colin Campbell Ferrie (1808–1856), Canadian merchant, banker, and politician
  • David Ferrie (1918–1967), private investigator and pilot who allegedly plotted to assassinate President John F. Kennedy
  • Ferrie Bodde (born 1982), Dutch footballer who plays for Swansea City
  • Gladstone Ferrie (1892–1955), Liberal party member of the Canadian House of Commons
  • Gordon Ferrie Hull (1870–1956), Canadian / American teacher, mathematician and physicist
  • Gustave-Auguste Ferrié (1868–1932), French radio pioneer and army general
  • Kenneth Ferrie (born 1978), English professional golfer
  • Tracy Ferrie, one of two current bass players of Christian metal band Stryper

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