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Fierrot le pou is a 1990 French 8-minute short film directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, his debut film. He also plays the lead role in the film as the basketball player.


An adolescent loner meets an attractive young woman in a gymnasium and tries to impress her with his skill as a basketball player. Unfortunately, his skill is virtually non-existent and his futile attempts to net the ball only embarrasses him further. Still, he is determined to succeed by imagining he is a black basketball player.


Technical contributions[edit]

About the film[edit]

  • For his first film, Mathieu Kassovitz did not have a lot of means. He was inspired by the film model of Luc Besson in his debut film Le Dernier Combat where the story line requires neither lighting nor dialog.
  • Chantal Rémy, Kassovitz' mother, did the editing of the film.
  • The title is derived from the Jean-Luc Godard film Pierrot le fou and the French expression fier comme un pou (proud like a louse) which is used to characterize someone very proud of himself.

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