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Filder is located in Baden-Württemberg
Location of the Filder in Baden-Württemberg

The Filder (plural) – also Filder Plain (German: Filderebene) – is a natural region (major unit no. 106) of the Swabian Keuper-Lias Land within the South German Scarplands.

They form a gently rolling, fertile plateau in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, which extends over the western half of the county of Esslingen and the southern part of the borough of the state capital of Stuttgart. Geologically it was formed by the transformation of a fault zone from the Lias period.


Among the hills of the Filder are the:

The Stuttgart TV Tower on the edge of the Filder

Coordinates: 48°42′00″N 9°15′49″E / 48.7000°N 9.2635°E / 48.7000; 9.2635

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