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FilmRoos is a film production company that produced such documentary television series as Ancient Mysteries (1994), Mysteries of the Bible (1994), Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years (1998), and Banned from the Bible (2003) for the A&E Network.

Originally formed in August 1990 as Christy Connell Roos Entertainment Group, Bram Roos (1949–2004) partnered with Michael Christy and Katheryn Connell, but later bought them out and renamed the company FilmRoos.

FilmRoos Documentaries were lauded with several CableACE Nominations for the series "Mysteries of the Bible."

In 1995, Walter Goodman wrote in the New York Times that their A&E network special offered the viewer, "many...rewards." [1]

It was later bought by Jordan Friedberg. Who was a producer for FilmRoos

Peter Davison composed music for some of FilmRoos' productions.


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