Finding the Fox

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Finding the Fox
Author Ali Sparkes
Illustrator David Wyatt
Country England
Language English
Series The Shapeshifter
Genre Fantasy/Science Fiction
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication date
Pages 328
Preceded by None
Followed by Running the Risk

Finding the Fox is a fantasy/science fiction novel by Ali Sparkes. It is the first book in the Shapeshifter series, and was first published in 2006 by Oxford University Press.

Major characters[edit]

  • Dax Jones: The book's principal protagonist. Dax is a teenage boy who lives with his annoying stepsister Alice, and his abusive stepmother Gina. He possesses the power of shapeshifting.
  • Gideon Reader: A fair-haired, freckled telekinetic. Gideon enjoys football, and has a penchant for chocolate of all kinds.
  • Lisa Hardman: A somewhat spoiled rich girl who hates being at Cola Club, and avoids interaction with the other students. Lisa possesses extremely strong psychic powers, but refuses to accept them or be trained how to use them, causing her to be constantly tormented by visions and various other paranormal communication.
  • Mia Cooper: A gifted healer. Mia is kind, caring and gentle, as well as being a vegetarian.
  • Principal Patrick Wood: The principal of Tregarren College. He is the book's principle antagonist, although his role as such is only made certain toward the end of the book. Wood possesses the power of glamour, which he uses to gain the respect of the students of Cola Club without their knowledge.
  • Owen Hind: A government official who helps to find new Colas and bring them to Tregarren.

Publication history[edit]

As with all of the Shapeshifter books, Finding the Fox was published by Oxford University Press in 2006.


Finding the Fox was nominated for the 2007 Bolton Children's Book Award.

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