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Finn Peters is a flautist and saxophonist.

"After the best part of a decade immersed in dance, hip hop, Afro-Cuban, electronica and contemporary classical musics, flautist and saxophonist Finn Peters returned to his jazz roots with Su-Ling (Babel, 2006)."[1] This was followed by Butterflies, which added "strings, a Balinese gamelan ensemble, kora, synths, a few choruses of birdsong and some inventive sound processing".[1]

The Finn Peters Quintet (or 'Finntet') won the best jazz group category of the BBC Jazz Awards in 2007.[2] His Music of the Mind album "explores the possibilities of music coupling regular ensemble playing to computer sounds generated by directly tapping brainwaves".[3] He has played with Dizzee Rascal and Matthew Herbert.[3]


  • Dr Seus EPs 1 and 2, (Mantella 2002)
  • Bansuri, (Traficante, 2005)
  • Suling, (Babel, 2006)
  • Butterflies, (Accidental, 2008)
  • Music of the Mind, (Mantella, 2010)
  • Purple and Yellow, (Mantella, 2011)


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