Finsbury Park TMD

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Finsbury Park TMD
Location Finsbury Park, Greater London
Coordinates 51°33′30″N 0°06′36″W / 51.5582°N 0.1099°W / 51.5582; -0.1099Coordinates: 51°33′30″N 0°06′36″W / 51.5582°N 0.1099°W / 51.5582; -0.1099
OS grid TQ310861
Owner(s) British Rail
Depot code(s) FP (1973 -)[1]
Type Diesel
Former depot code(s) 34G (1960 - 1973)

Finsbury Park TMD was a railway Traction Maintenance Depot situated in London, England. It was the first purpose built main line diesel locomotive depot opened in England and it was fully commissioned in April 1960.[2] Finsbury Park was a steam shed under British Railways with the depot code 34G; the depot code of the diesel depot under BR was FP. The nearest railway station is Finsbury Park.

The maintenance shed held six roads. Roads seven to eleven were located to the east, with number ten road also accommodating the breakdown train shed. Additionally there were five roads of stabling in Clarence Yard, which was nearest to the main running lines.

The depot was downgraded in June 1981 and closed in October 1983.[3] The site is now covered in residential flats which can be seen to the south-west of Finsbury Park station.

The Deltics[edit]

Main article: British Rail Class 55

Following the closure of Kings Cross Top Shed and the withdrawal of steam locomotives, much of the traction power for express passenger workings on the East Coast Main Line was taken over by Class 55 Deltic diesel locomotives. Those allocated to Finsbury Park were named after famous racehorses, whilst those allocated to Haymarket TMD and Gateshead TMD were named after British Army regiments.

Finsbury Park's Deltics[edit]

Name Withdrawn Status
D9001 55 001 St. Paddy 5 January 1980 Scrapped BREL Doncaster February 1980.
D9003 55 003 Meld 31 December 1980 Scrapped BREL Doncaster March 1981.
D9007 55 007 Pinza 31 December 1981 Scrapped BREL Doncaster August 1982.
D9009 55 009 Alycidon 2 January 1982 Preserved - Mainline Registered
D9012 55 012 Crepello 18 May 1981 Scrapped BREL Doncaster September 1981.
D9015 55 015 Tulyar 2 January 1982 Preserved
D9018 55 018 Ballymoss 12 October 1981 Scrapped BREL Doncaster January 1982.
D9020 55 020 Nimbus 5 January 1980 Scrapped BREL Doncaster January 1980. [4]


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