Fiona Bloom

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Fiona Bloom
Born1969 (age 53–54) [1]
OccupationMusic industry publicist

Fiona Bloom is a music industry publicist who runs the New York City agency The Bloom Effect.[2]

Early life[edit]

Bloom grew up in St John's Wood, London.[3] She took piano lessons as a child and trained to be a concert pianist.[4] She moved to the U.S. after her father moved to Atlanta, Georgia for business reasons. She starting training as a disk jockey and worked at college radio in Georgia State University.[3]


After receiving a degree in Speech Communications, Bloom began her professional career in 1991 at WSTR FM as the station's assistant music director,[5] and she also served as an on-air personality.[6] In 1994, EMI Records head Daniel Glass appointed her to the position of Director of New Artist Marketing.[3] After working at EMI, Bloom served as the Director of Media Relations at Zero Hour Records. She started her own subsidiary record label, called 3-2-1, in 1996.[7][8]

Bloom started her agency The Bloom Effect in 2007. That year, she was named Top Consultant/Strategist of the Year by the National Association of Recording Industry Professionals (NARIP).[9][10] Her agency represents acts including Jesse Clegg and Wayna, who was subsequently nominated for a Grammy award.[11]

In 2013, Bloom set up StoryTime, a twice-weekly children's book reading session which now runs at Butterfly 7, a children's store in Brooklyn. She says the sessions are "very interactive" and have a musical element.[4]


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