Fire Hawk: Thexder - The Second Contact

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Fire Hawk:
Thexder - The Second Contact
Fire Hawk - Thexder - The Second Contact.png
Developer(s)Game Arts
Publisher(s)Game Arts
Sierra On-Line (DOS)
Director(s)Satoshi Uesaka
Ari Kamijō
Kazuyuki Ohata
Producer(s)Mitsuhiro Mazda
Designer(s)Ari Kamijō
Osamu Harada
Programmer(s)Ari Kamijō
Kazuyuki Ohata
Artist(s)Masatoshi Azumi
Masahiko Ikeya
Tsuyoshi Tanaka
Writer(s)Satoshi Uesaka
Composer(s)Hiromi Ohba
Tadashi Shimayama
Masahiko Yoshimura
Platform(s)MSX2, MS-DOS, PC-8801
ReleaseJP: 1989
NA: October 1990[1]
Genre(s)Run and gun

Fire Hawk: Thexder - The Second Contact (テグザー2 ファイアーホーク), also known as Firehawk: Thexder 2, Firehawk or Thexder II, is a video game developed and published by Game Arts for the MSX2, MS-DOS and PC-8801 in 1989 as a sequel to Thexder only in Japan. The MS-DOS version was later released by Sierra On-Line.[2]




The One predicted that "with furious arcade action, high-resolution graphics and 11 complete songs (...) Thexder II looks set to surpass the success of the original."[3] The game was indeed well-received upon release[4][5][6] and sold well both in Japan and in the USA.[7][8][9]


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