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Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) a subsidiary of SCM Inc., is a provider of data, underwriting, risk management and legal/regulatory services focusing on community fire-protection and fire prevention systems in Canada.[1] Fire Underwriters Survey publishes the Canadian Fire Insurance Grading Index which is utilized by the property-casualty insurers in that country.[2]


The organization was formed in 1883 as the Canadian Fire Underwriters' Association (CFUA), then became the Canadian Underwriters Association (CUA), the Insurers Advisory Organization and Fire Underwriters Survey.[3]

The intent of the system of fire insurance grading is primarily to provide insurers with accurate information to base underwriting decisions on, however a significant benefit of the system is that it results in incentives for development of recognized forms of public fire protection by communities throughout Canada.[4] Many Canadian communities organize and develop their public fire protection systems and organizations to strategically optimize the cost benefit to constituents.


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