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In the United Kingdom Fire and Rescue Service a Fire Safety Officer (sometimes referred to as a Fire Officer) is a firefighter who has attained the rank of Sub-Officer (also known as a Watch Commander) or above, and transferred from front line operational service into the Fire Safety Department.

The term "Fire Officer" may also refer to a Fire Safety Inspector who is of equivalent rank in the Fire Safety Section of the Fire Service.

Duties and powers[edit]

Fire Officers inspect all manner of commercial premises to ensure that they comply with current fire safety legislation.A fire safety officer can work anywhere local.If a premises is found to be unsafe a fire officer may prosecute the offending organization or even issue a prohibition notice closing the premises until such time that they are made safe.

Fire Officers also have the power to place anyone committing an offence under caution.

While a fire officer is employed by the Fire Service, any action they undertake is done under the auspices of the Fire and Rescue Authority.

Career structure[edit]

Most fire officers choose to transfer into the department because it offers the opportunity of working normal office hours as opposed to the shift system operational firefighters have to work. Others transfer because it is an alternative way to climb the promotional ladder or because it is an opportunity to experience another aspect of the fire service's role.

In some Fire Departments a Fire Officer may be civilian.

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