Fires of Eden

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Fires of Eden
Dan Simmons - Fires of Eden.jpeg
Hardcover edition
AuthorDan Simmons
CountryUnited States
SubjectHistory and mythology of Hawaii
PublisherPutnam Publishing Group
Publication date
October 27, 1994
Media typePrint
Pages399 pp. (hardcover)

Fires of Eden is a novel by American writer Dan Simmons, published in 1994. It centres on the history and mythology of Hawaii, the moral and ethical issues of the United States occupation of Hawaii, and various other issues.[1]


Fires of Eden takes place around the adventures of two different generations, a woman and her niece. The aunt's story is told as a series of journal entries, said journal being in her niece's possession. The book also uses as a main character Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. Additionally, this novel features two characters from Simmons' Summer of Night (1991), Cordie Cook and Mike Mike O'Rourke; the latter has only a "bit part" near the end.


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