Firm and Fruity

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Firm and Fruity
Mr floppy firm n fruity.jpg
EP by Mr Floppy
Released 1990
Recorded Whirled Records, Melbourne, October 1990
Genre Oi!, psychedelic rock
Length 18:36
Label Waterfront
Mr Floppy chronology
Firm and Fruity

Firm and Fruity is the first extended play by Australian band Mr Floppy. It was released in 1990 and contains 6 tracks, despite 8 tracks being listed on the cover.

The track "Noonan" went on to be a fan favourite. Its chorus resembles that of "Cool for Cats" by the UK Squeeze.


All songs written and composed by Paul Johnson and Tim Aylward. 

No. Title Length
1. "I Feel Sick"   1:36
2. "Up the Duff"   3:03
3. "God Loves You"   3:30
4. "Homebrew"   3:26
5. "Noonan"   2:46
6. "Stir Fry Baby"   4:39

As well as the 6 tracks above, the tracks "She Bangs the Drum Machine" and "He Eat Like a Duck" are listed on the label.

"Up the Duff" samples a line from National Lampoon's European Vacation. "Stir Fry Baby" features an extended outro with duelling wah-wah solos from Aylward and Carroll. "God Loves You" samples the spoken intro ("I still believe in God, but God no longer believes in me") from The Mission's song "Wasteland".

Live versions of tracks 1 and 5 were included in the hidden track section of the album The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Dickhead. The entire EP was included on the album Breakfast.


  • Paul Johnson - bass, lead vocals
  • Tim Aylward - rhythm guitar
  • Mick Carroll - lead guitar

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