First Descent

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First Descent
First Descent.jpg
Directed by Kemp Curly,
Kevin Harrison
Produced by Kemp Curly,
Kevin Harrison
Starring Shaun White,
Hannah Teter,
Shawn Farmer,
Nick Perata,
Terje Håkonsen
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release dates
December 2, 2005
Running time
110 min.
Language English

First Descent is a 2005 documentary film about snowboarding and its beginning in the 1980s.

The snowboarders featured in this movie (Shawn Farmer, Nick Perata, Terje Haakonsen, Hannah Teter and Shaun White with guest appearances from Travis Rice) represent three generations of snowboarders and the progress this young sport has made over the past two decades. Most of the movie was shot in Alaska and its back country.

It is the first movie to be produced and financed by a soft-drink company[citation needed].


Kemp Curly .... producer, editor
Kevin Harrison .... producer, director
Marc Joubert .... co-producer
John Kaplan .... co-producer
Jack Kelly .... coordinating producer
Paula Martone .... line producer
Larry Tanz .... executive producer[1]


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