First International Bank Tower

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First International Bank Tower
31.03.09 Tel Aviv 066 Beinleumi Tower 2.JPG
General information
Status Complete
Type Offices
Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Coordinates 32°3′49″N 34°46′27″E / 32.06361°N 34.77417°E / 32.06361; 34.77417Coordinates: 32°3′49″N 34°46′27″E / 32.06361°N 34.77417°E / 32.06361; 34.77417
Construction started 2003
Estimated completion 2009
Roof 132 m (433 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 32
Design and construction
Architect Pei Cobb Freed & Partners,
Nir-Kuts Architects,
Amnon Bar Or Architects

The First International Bank Tower is a skyscraper on Rothschild Boulevard in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel.

At 132 meters in height over 32 floors, the tower is Israel's fourteenth tallest building. It was designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, Nir-Kuts Architects, and Amnon Bar Or Architects, inspired by the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, which was designed by the same firm. Construction of the tower began in early 2003, after the plans were approved in October 2002. The plans were restricted in height due to the need to preserve and rebuild two historical neighbouring low-rises of the Buahaus architectural style which has given the White City its UNESCO World Heritage Status. Included in scheme is a public plaza on Rothschild Boulevard. The main occupant of the tower is the First International Bank of Israel.

The tower is the first green tower in Israel, and also the first to feature a double curtain wall system.[1]

The design of the tower consists of 5 equilateral triangular prisms, set on top of each other at different heights, creating 3 large balconies for the building users. Each prism ends after 8 stories at a different height, referencing to the heights of adjacent buildings and monuments.

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