First Morgan government

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First Morgan government
Flag of Wales (1959–present).svg
3rd devolved government of Wales
Rhodri Morgan.jpg
Date formed5 October 2000
Date dissolved1 May 2003
People and organisations
MonarchElizabeth II
First MinisterRhodri Morgan
Member partyLabour
Liberal Democrats
Status in legislatureCoalition
Legislature term(s)1st National Assembly for Wales
PredecessorInterim Morgan Government
SuccessorSecond Morgan government

The First Morgan government was formed on 5 October 2000[1] by Rhodri Morgan and a was a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, it was officially referred to as the Coalition Partnership . It was proceeded by the Interim Morgan Government, a minority Labour administration headed by Rhodri Morgan between February and October 2000.


Office Name Term Party
First Minister Rhodri Morgan 2000–2003 Labour
Deputy First Minister

Minister for Economic Development

Michael German 2000–2003 Liberal Democrats
Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development Carwyn Jones 2000–2003 Labour
Minister for Assembly Business Andrew Davies 2000–2003 Labour
Minister for Culture Jenny Randerson 2000–2003 Liberal Democrats
Minister for Education Jane Davidson 2000–2003 Labour
Minister for Environment, Transport and Planning Sue Essex 2000–2003 Labour
Minister for Finance and Local Government Edwina Hart 2000–2003 Labour
Minister for Health & Social Care Jane Hutt 2000–2003 Labour
Office holders given special provisions to attend Cabinet
Chief Whip Karen Sinclair 2000–2003 Labour


  • Andrew Davies, Minister for Economic Development and Transport from 2002.
  • Carwyn Jones, Minister for Assembly Business from 2002-03 in addition to the agriculture portfolio.
  • Jenny Randerson, Acting Deputy First Minister from July 2001 to June 2002 in addition to the culture portfolio.
  • Michael German, Deputy First Minister and Minister for Rural Affairs and Wales Abroad June 2002 to May 2003.

Junior ministers[edit]

Deputy Ministers prior to the enactment of the Government of Wales Act 2006 (enactment and legal separation takes place on appointment of the First Minister, post-May 2007) are not officially part of the Government, and not in Cabinet. From May 2007, Deputy Welsh Ministers are part of the Welsh Assembly Government, but not in Cabinet.

Office Name Term Party
Deputy Minister for Economic Development Alun Pugh 2000–2003 Labour
Deputy Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning Huw Lewis 2000–2003 Labour
Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services Brian Gibbons 2000–2003 Labour
Deputy Minister for Local Government Peter Black 2000–2003 Liberal Democrats
Deputy Minister for Rural Affairs, Culture and the Environment Delyth Evans 2000–2003 Labour


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