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Fissler GmbH
GmbH (limited liability company)
IndustryCookware manufacturer
Founded1845 (1845)
FounderCarl Fissler
ProductsSmall appliances, pots, pans, woks, knives and kitchen utensils
Number of employees
765 worldwide as of February 2013 (in English)
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Fissler is a company based in Germany that produces cookware items. Fissler’s main products include knives, pots, pans, pressure cookers, accessories and an cooking surface for induction cooking.

Fissler’s history dates back to the 19th century with its introduction of the Goulash Cannon, a mobile field kitchen, something like the modern-day food truck. In the 1920s Fissler came out with the first aluminum pans for electric stoves. In the 1950s Fissler introduced the first pressure cooker with a multi-setting control valve and the patented “Thematic” base. Fissler continues to be innovative and is constantly developing new technology and improving upon modern designs. The company has numerous international patents, registered designs, and awards.[citation needed]

Today, Fissler’s pots and pans have an all-stove base, meaning that they can be used on any heating surface without warping or degrading.[1] This is especially relevant to the new wave in cooking: induction cooking. Fissler produces the CookStar Induction Pro, an induction cooking surface. Induction cooking uses electromagnetic technology to heat the pots and pans, without being hot to the touch.[2] Induction cooking is more energy efficient than electric or gas stove-tops. The induction cooking surface can be adjusted to specific levels that allows one to cook sauces and dishes which require very precise temperatures.

The company produces the world's most expensive pan costing £100,000.[3]

Fissler’s two lines of knives are called Profession and Perfection. The Profession line is inspired by Japanese knives and includes knives specific for making sushi. The Perfection knives are stylish and modern. Fissler’s website has great information about the functions of the knives for specific tasks.[4]

Fissler also has a line of accessories called “Magic”.[5]


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