Fistularia corneta

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Pacific cornetfish
FMIB 50629 Fistularia cornela Gilbert & Starks Type specimen; Panama.jpeg
Scientific classification
F. corneta
Binomial name
Fistularia corneta
Gilbert & Starks, 1904

Fistularia corneta, commonly known as the Pacific cornetfish or the deepwater cornetfish, is a marine fish in the family Fistulariidae. It is endemic to the eastern Pacific Ocean, being found from California to Peru, including many offshore islands.[1] Adult fish are found deeper than 30 metres (98 ft) and have been observed to grow longer than 1 metre (3.3 ft), but are more commonly around 20 centimetres (7.9 in) long.[2] F. corneta feeds on small fishes, and itself is most commonly used by humans as processed fishmeal, which can be marketed as fresh, salted or dried.[1] It is an oviparous species.[3]


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