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Fitna may refer to:

  • Fitna (word), an Arabic word, meaning "sedition"
  • Fitna (film), a 2008 short film by Geert Wilders
  • The First Fitna (656–661 CE), a war of succession in the Rashidun Caliphate between Ali and the Umayyads (and Aisha)
  • The Second Fitna (c. 680/683 – c. 685/692 CE), a war between the Umayyads and Ibn al-Zubayr
  • The Third Fitna (744–750/752 CE), including the Umayyad civil wars and the Abbasid Revolution
  • The Fourth Fitna (811–813/827 CE), including the civil war between caliphs al-Amin and al-Ma'mun and other regional conflicts
  • The Fifth Fitna (865–866 CE), between caliphs al-Mu'tazz and al-Musta'in
  • The Fitna of al-Andalus (1009–1031 CE), in the Caliphate of Cordoba