FitzHarris Castle

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FitzHarris Castle
Oxfordshire, England
FitzHarris Castle.jpg
Plan of the castle
FitzHarris Castle is located in Oxfordshire
FitzHarris Castle
FitzHarris Castle
Coordinates51°40′29″N 1°17′00″W / 51.6746°N 1.2833°W / 51.6746; -1.2833
Grid referencegrid reference SU496975
Site information
ConditionLocal authority

FitzHarris Castle was a medieval castle located near Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England.


FitzHarris Castle was built near Abingdon between 1071 and 1084 in the aftermath of the Norman invasion of England by a probable Norman knight called Owen.[1] The castle formed a motte, 78 ft by 68 ft across, protected by a stream that flowed around the motte to produce a moat.[2] In due course the castle was supplemented by the nearby manor house called FitzHarry's, but a keep remained on the motte as late as 1247, probably for defensive purposes.[3]

The castle is now owned by the local authority but has is considered by English Heritage to be at risk from erosion due to visitor numbers.[4] The site is a scheduled monument.

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Coordinates: 51°40′27″N 1°17′03″W / 51.6741°N 1.2841°W / 51.6741; -1.2841