Five Ways to Save the World

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Five Ways to Save the World
Directed by Jonathan Barker
Cecilia Hue
Anna Abbott
Produced by Karen O'Connor
Release date
  • 2006 (2006)
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Five Ways to Save the World is a British documentary film on environmental issues related to climate change, released in 2006. The film was made by Karen O'Connor, for the big screen and was shot in the English language to reach an international audience. It includes interviews with five environmental scientists and experts including Paul Crutzen, James Roger Angel, John Latham, Ian Jones, and Klaus Lackner.

The "five ways" proposed are geoengineering techniques:

Since the first three methods do not remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they would only reduce global warming but not ocean acidification. Since the last two methods would remove carbon dioxide, they could in theory reduce both global warming and ocean acidification.

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