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FixMyStreet Platform
FixMyStreet Platform screenshot.png
FixMyStreet Platform
Initial release 2012
Stable release
1.6.1 / 2015-07-31
Development status Active
Operating system Cross-platform
License AGPLv3[1]

FixMyStreet platform is free and open source software by mySociety which enables anyone to run a site in their own city or country.

The UK FixMyStreet inspired similar sites in other countries: in order to prevent the need for people to write code from scratch, mySociety refined the FixMyStreet open source codebase, making it more generic, easier to install, and able to handle different maps, including OpenStreetMap. This process was kickstarted when the NUUG funded the development of a Norwegian version FiksGataMi.[2][3]

Sites running on the FixMyStreet platform[edit]

  • Ireland: [4]
  • Malaysia: MakeMyisland [5]
  • Norway: FiksGataMi [6]
  • Sweden: FixaMinGata [7]
  • Zurich, Switzerland: ZueriWieNeu [8]
  • Uganda: FixMyCommunity [9]
  • United Kingdom:
  • Uruguay: PorMiBarrio [10]

Sites inspired by FixMyStreet but running on their own software[edit]

  • Australia: FixMyStreet [11]
  • Belgium (Brussels-Capital Region only): Fix My Street [12]
  • Canada: FixMyStreet [13]
  • Cyprus: FixCyprus [14]
  • Georgia: Chemigucha [15]
  • Germany: Mark-a-Spot [16]
  • Korea: FixMyStreet [17]
  • Netherlands: Verbeterdebuurt [18]
  • New Zealand: FixMyStreet [19]
  • Greece: FixMyGreece [20]
  • Japan: FixMyStreet [21]
  • Tunisia: FixKairouan [22]