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Fjellinjen AS
Municipal owned
Industry Toll plazas
Founded 1986
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Area served
Revenue NOK 1,248 million
NOK 714 million
Profit NOK 0 million
Owner City of Oslo
Akershus County Municipality
Number of employees

Fjellinjen AS is a municipal company owned by the City of Oslo (60%) and Akershus County Municipality (40%). It is responsible for the collection from the toll ring around Oslo, with a total of nineteen toll plazas.


The company was created on 13 February 1986 to finance the 1,800 metre Festning Tunnel on E18 through Oslo, that was completed in 1990. On 8 June 1988, the Norwegian Parliament granted permission for further collection through Oslo Package 1, a program to expand parts of the highways in the capital. Following this, Akershus County Municipality bought 40% of the company in 1990. Financing was partially to come through a toll ring around the city. From 1 November 2001, Fjellinjen was also to collect money for Oslo Package 2 that is financing several expansions to the public transport around Oslo. From 1 January 2008 to the latest 31 December 2012 the ring and Fjellinjen will finance the Bjørvika Tunnel as well. Starting in 2008, Oslo Package 3 will also be financed through the company.